Board of Directors

LTCES’s greatest strength is our people. Our Board of Directors is comprised of community members with expertise in a wide range of areas including education, health care, finance, and city planning. The Board meets monthly and is responsible for the strategic and financial health of the organization. We are grateful to be supported by such a dynamic team of leaders.

2022-2023 Board Members
Lesia Wick, Chair
Jo-Anne Kingstone, Vice Chair
Valerie Sherriff, Secretary
Linda Macoomb, Treasurer
Thu Robertson, Past Treasurer
Amber Finneron
Nancy Gothard
Lana Henley
William Bakker, Teacher (Ex-officio / non-voting)
Alissa Pratt, Vice-Principal (Ex-officio / non-voting)


Anna Rambow, Executive Director

Anna is an award winning community engagement professional specializing in the relationship between not for profit organizations and community stakeholders. She is an enthusiastic champion of building inclusive spaces of belonging and support and believes that all people benefit from strong connections. Anna is excited about the possibilities of the community school model in West Courtenay as more community members become involved. Together, we are building something special!

Avi Goldberg, Programmer

Avi has worked in education, graphic design and communications. She has taught high school art and digital media classes, and worked with a range of social justice, advocacy and arts organizations over the last two decades. In her role as Programmer with LTCES, Avi is excited to connect with children, youth and families, and to collaborate with other community organizations in West Courtenay.

Vivian Vaillant, Garden Coordinator

Vivian is a dedicated community builder with a specific interest in creating youth opportunities for leadership. Vivian believes that gardens can cultivate confidence, community, and mindfulness for anyone lucky enough to have access, and looks forward to working with our community to grow something special in the Lake Trail Community School Garden.


Andrea Wagemaker, Healthy Foods Coordinator

After selling her cafe at the Comox Valley Airport, Andrea is excited to join the LTCES team. She looks forward to creating new relationships and building on those that are already established. Andrea’s goal is to grow the Healthy Foods Program with continued education, collaboration and creativity, while creating a yummy, healthy weekly salad bar for Lake Trail Community School youth.