Lake Trail Community Education Society (LTCES) was founded in 2010 with the goal of empowering residents in developing a vision, strengthening their neighbourhood, and engaging in activities with Lake Trail Middle School at the heart of their neighbourhood.

In 2019, Lake Trail Middle School and LTCES received official community school designation and the school was re-named ‘Lake Trail Community School’. The development of the community school moving forward is a collaborative partnership between the school and our society.

LTCES has the great opportunity of utilizing the school facility and grounds for community use after school hours and weekends. This is especially significant in West Courtenay where there is high community need, yet very little infrastructure for community use. Three areas of focus have emerged over the past decade of community input and action, including after school and youth, healthy communities, and our healthy foods programs.

We work with educators, youth, community members, facilitators, and partner agencies, who play a key role in planning, implementing, and assessing programs and opportunities for community connections. Together, we strive to meet our communities’ needs from the ground up.

What is a Community School?

A Community School takes one of the largest and most under-utilized public facilities, the public school, and increases the investment by keeping it open evenings, weekends and during the summer for community activities. 


Inspiring strong, connected communities.


LTCES creates meaningful and purposeful connections through programming and opportunities that support and strengthen our diverse community.


Community & Collaboration

We seek to serve the needs and hopes of the community by designing programs and creating opportunities through a process of open and thoughtful collaboration.

Inclusion & Belonging

We seek to foster an environment of inclusion and belonging, where all members of our community feel seen, heard, safe, respected and honoured.


Wellness & Growth

We seek to design programs and create opportunities that focus on the wellness and growth of our community and its individual members.